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Bad weather systems can be unpredictable. Even if your house has survived storms in the past, there’s no guarantee that it will make it through the next one intact. You have to take steps to secure your home, and roofing companies can help with that. In this article, we’ll highlight the specific things roofers can do to prepare your home for bad weather. Consider reaching out to Eyles Contracting Inc. if you know that a troubling storm is fast approaching.

Install a Roof Capable of Withstanding Extreme Weather

You shouldn’t hesitate to invest in your roof. Given how a roof can impact a house’s structural integrity and comfort level, it’s a part of your home that truly warrants a strong investment. Ask the roofers to install a roof that’s built to withstand extreme weather. Consulting with roofing companies regarding which designs are best suited to counter the bad weather systems in your area is a smart choice.

Alert You to Potential Issues

Roofers can do more than install a roof specifically built to withstand the bad weather systems in your area. They can also perform routine inspections to ensure that your roof is still in good condition and capable of enduring bad weather. Once your roof is over a decade old, you should start signing up for regular inspections. Have our roofers inspect your home at least once a year. Inspecting your roof after a storm is also highly recommended.

Clean Your Roof Often to Prevent Damage

Random items on your roof can cause significant damage if they are thrown around by strong winds. Unless you want to end up on the hook for costly repairs, you should get those items removed from your roof. According to the CDC, however, 97% of all roofing or ladder accidents happen at home, so you should leave this work to a professional whenever possible. Ask roofers to handle that task so you can be certain that your roof is free from debris.

Trim Tree Branches Close to Your Roof

Lastly, you can ask roofing companies or tree removal services to trim the tree branches hanging close to your roof. You don’t want those branches anywhere near your home during a storm because they can cause some serious damage. If the overgrown branches are stretching from a tree on your property, then trimming them should be no problem. If the branches are coming from your neighbor’s tree, you should consult with them before trimming.

Preparation is key if you want your home to make it through rough weather in one piece. Enlisting the assistance of the roofing companies in your area will also be very helpful. Give Eyles Contracting, Inc a call today, so we can help you with your roofing needs!