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As a property owner, you have to know that the time will eventually come to call a roofer in Westford to repair either storm damage, leaks, or even go for a full replacement. But when that moment arrives; how do you know what roofers to call? All roofer Westford needs can be responded to with a single company: Eyles Contracting Incorporated. After over 30 years of exceeding the expectations of every Westford neighbor, we can say we’re the go-to option for services from exterior remodeling to fixing the gutter. The best is that we’re here in Westford, just like you; always one phone call away!


Eyles Contracting: We’ve Been Serving For 30+ Years in Massachusetts

As the best roofing contractor in Westford, our company has delivered outstanding service to our growing community for the past three decades. We’ve seen and placed every shingle and commercial roof in town and have learned a very valuable lesson: our job is to keep you happy.

Whether you hire our services for us to work on the replacement of the entire roof or give us a call to learn about roofing finance; we’re always providing you with outstanding service. We love to see Westford grow and develop into a beautiful city and want to continue to be a privileged witness to that amazing change.

These past 30 years taught us that you, the customer, always come first. Our biggest success story is the smile on your face.


Our Reputation

We perform maintenance on shingles affected by ice, install siding, and help create the most appealing business roofing in Westford. But what we’re most proud of is our team of notables that are the ones embodying excellence day after day. We work with the best materials and the best professionals in the area. Our reputation is based on that; being the best. We’re your best option in Westford, and we’re always one phone call away.


Our Services

We offer:

  • Residential Services – Services that are home-oriented to keep your family warm, dry, and safe all year long.
  • Commercial Services – Our commercial services focus on your company’s areas of opportunity with a plan you can afford. Your success is the way we measure ours.


Our Professionals

Sending contractors to work on our client’s properties is satisfying because we handpick our personnel to meet the highest standards in the market. Indeed, we know each person wearing our logo embodies our three core values: 

  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity

Calling Eyles Contracting Incorporated, you’re ensuring top-notch service.


GAF Master Elite Certification

Our professionals were not only handpicked for being the best in their area but they’re also recognized by GAF with their highest qualification: Master Elite. Next time you see our contractors approaching your property, you can rest assured we’re sending the best of the best to perform an outstanding job in your home or business.


Commercial Roofing Services

Every company needs to have impeccable facilities. This is the image you’re giving your customers. Imagine going into a retail store and having a leak falling on your head! You don’t want that to happen with your company, and we can help you prevent it. 

As the number-one Westford roofer company, we deliver uncanny service taking care of your roof, siding, replacement windows, shingles, and any other services your company property might need. We do weatherproofing and exterior remodeling, and can even assess you on the materials you need to have adequate facilities all year long. 

We can be the remodeling contractor you need. Don’t settle for anything less than excellence. Give us a call today!


We do Multi-Housing Roofing

Is your business multi-housing? Well, we can help you make each property a home with a plethora of solutions for every material. We do everything from fixing a leak to replacing every metal shingle in the compound. We’re your one-stop solution and we’re always one phone call away!


We Also Offer Multi-House Siding

Under weather conditions as varied as the ones Westford has, no home is cozy enough without the right siding. We’re the best roofers in Westford and we know a sound roof is paramount for the well-being of every tenant; yet, complete protection requires state-of-the-art siding.

Remember, siding is your first barrier against weather inclemency.


Residential Services

When you first move in, some houses need bathroom remodeling or kitchen remodeling. Those might wait for some time after you’ve settled, but roof repair is always urgent. Indeed, after three decades in the business as the go-to roofing company in Westford, we can say that the work we’ve done in residential and commercial roofing has changed the lives of people the most.

From a small leak-fixing service to a full roof replacement, our company has seen it all. Nobody knows more than us about Westford roofs. 

Don’t spare any expenses for your family’s welfare, give us a call today and get a free estimate. We’re the best option in Westford, and we’re always one phone call away.

Our services include:

  • Roofing and repairs
  • Windows and doors
  • Skylights
  • Chimneys
  • Siding


Our No-Money-Down Policy

We are the only company in Westford offering you to start your project without spending a cent and paying us upon completion when you’re completely satisfied. We trust our contractors offer world-class service. Pay us only after we’ve exceeded your expectations.


An Uncanny Offer in the Market

We’ve been an outstanding solution for people in Westford for three decades. During those thirty years, we learned our team has enough talent and dedication to allow for a no-money-down policy. Therefore, we’ve been helping our community thrive with this uncanny offer with great results. What are you waiting for to try it yourself?


A Holistic Solution to a Common Problem

Our team of notables knows that every shingle makes a difference. Moreover, as a company with decades of roofer experience, we think of your house as a whole. We can work on the roof, siding, doors, windows, skylights, and more. 

Furthermore, we have a dedicated team for each of the services we offer. We can assure you your house or business will be cozy, warm, and safe come ice or heat. 

What is more, we can work on your property doing emergency replacements to your entire roof or a part of it. Just give us a call and receive an estimate for our services.

We’re the best option in Westford, and we’re one phone call away.


Contact Eyles Contracting Today – Your Best Option in Westford 

Hiring a roofing service for your home or business is to invest in the welfare and protection of your family and clients. Every time we receive a call to fix shingles, replace roofs, or install new siding; we know we’re being trusted with the quality of life of your loved ones in a residential area and the future of your company in a commercial environment. 

That’s why we always go the extra mile offering world-class service and work our hardest to find the best replacement options for your property.

 Give us a call today, receive a free estimate, and start living the life you want in the house you dream of. We’re right here, in Westford; always one phone call away!