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Looking for Roofing Repairs Westford? We Are Your Go-To Option!

For home and business owners, trusting roofing repairs in Westford to an unknown company might translate into a recipe for disaster. Roof repair is paramount to a safe, warm, dry, and cozy house or business.

That’s exactly when Eyles Contracting Inc. comes in handy. We have been exceeding our client’s expectations for over three decades with every task completed by a roofing contractor with our logo on the shirt.

If you need roofing repairs in Westford, you have to call the best Westford roofing company; the go-to option for these tasks in the past three decades. Give us a call today and receive a free estimate for our world-class services. We’re Eyles Contracting Inc., your best option; always one phone call away.


Reliable Roof Repairs, the Secret to a Good Living

Your house needs to be the cozy refugee you’ve always dreamed about. Having a sound, warm, and safe place to go back to is one of the secrets to living a happy, fulfilling life. Yet, we all know that structures suffer the inevitable passing of time. Therefore, having a reliable contractor in Westford to fix and perform maintenance tasks on your roof is paramount to enjoying your property all year long.

Beyond roof repairs, which you will eventually need, Eyles Contracting can also offer you exterior remodeling to make your property look just as amazing on the outside as it is on the inside. If you need roof repair services, you need to contact Eyles Contracting Inc.

We’re right here, in Westford, always one phone call away.


What Are Our Residential Services?

Eyles Contracting Inc. is a roofing company offering services that can accommodate all sizes of a project. When you think of roofing in Westford, you can always count on our world-class services.

What can we offer you? Glad you asked; these are our services:

  • Roofing & Repairs
  • Chimneys
  • Siding
  • Skylights
  • Windows & Doors


We’ve been exceeding our customers’ expectations for the past thirty years; what are you waiting for to give us a call?


What Do We Offer Commercial Clients?

We’re not only a residential roofing company; we also offer roof services for commercial buildings. Regardless if it’s to take better care of the people you love the most or to enhance your business, we do roofing repairs in Westford for all kinds of clients. Moreover, we love driving around our city spotting roof repairs we’ve done and also commercial ventures we helped establish from scratch with our roofing repair services, or even installing a new roof. The best roofing contractor in Westford is waiting for your call as part of our team.

These are the services we can offer you:

  • Commercial Roofing (install, repair, and replacement)
  • Multi-Housing Roofing
  • Multi-Housing Siding


Roofing Replacement is Also an Option

We know that home roof repairs are not always an option. Indeed, in our 30 years as the go-to Westford roofing company, we’ve seen roofs in every state you can imagine. Furthermore, since we serve Westford Massachusetts, and the entire state, our experience fixing the unfixable is vast. Yet, sometimes roofs are beyond the repair stage and need replacement.

We offer roof replacement (residential and commercial roofs) and also roofing finance so your business can thrive and your family enjoys without depriving yourself of a fulfilling life. Give us a call today to learn more!


Meet Our No-Money-Down Policy

We’re the only Westford roofing company that offers our services for roof repairs and replacement or exterior remodeling without asking you to pay a cent in advance. You can pay us on our way out after you’ve inspected our work and are happy with it, to the last shingle. We’re your best option in roofing, and we’re right here in Westford; always one phone call away.


Our Human Capital, Our Best Asset

Our no-money-down and free estimate are two great policies that can help you fulfill your dreams easier. Yet, it’s our team of notables that will make a difference in installing the shingles, repairing your chimney, or even performing full roof replacement.

We’re proud of every contractor wearing our logo on the shirt and we trust they will work their hardest to maintain and increase our impeccable three-decade reputation as the best option in Westford. We’re right here, in your city, always one phone call away!


30 Years of Outstanding Service

Our roof repair services have always been our best presentation card. Indeed, we take a lot of pride in every roof in Westford that we’ve performed roof repairs on. It only takes one drive around town to spot the houses and businesses of our clients and bring back beautiful memories.

We’ve seen our community grow and thrive from a privileged seat. We like to think we’re an integral part of its welfare and we work every day to construct a better future for all our neighbors. What are you waiting for to join our long list of satisfied customers? We’re always one phone call away!


Don’t Just Take Our Word for It; We’re GAF Certified!

Roofing companies the size of ours are always trying to reach new benchmarks. In our case, our roofing service was distinguished by the prestigious GAF Company for our roof installation skills giving us the highest qualification available: Master Elite Contractors. Our roofing company is ready to take your home to the next level with our world-class services. Don’t just take our word for it; we’re certified Master Elite Contractors!


We Do Top-Notch Roofing And Siding

We know Westford’s climate requires businesses and homeowners to take extra precautions. We can offer you a new roof as well as roofing repair services; the best in Westford. Yet, no protection is complete without siding to protect your walls as much as you protect your roof.


Why Do You Need Siding?

We’re a roofing company (the best in Westford) but we do more than installing shingles, tiles, and fixing chimneys. Each contractor working in our company knows how to do an impeccable siding job to the last shingle.

Therefore, we’re proud to say that we specialize in siding as well as roofing because we know that siding is the first barrier to defending your house and family (or business and clients) against weather inclemency. We know that heavy storms with pouring rain don’t only hit our properties from above. Being always ready is being always safe, sound, warm, and living the best life.


A Chain is Just as Strong as Its Weakest Link

Eyles Contracting Incorporated is a company dedicated to roof replacement, roof restoration, and other roofing services, but we know that a chain is just as strong as its weakest link. Therefore, if you call us to make sure your roof is perfect, you should always install or repair siding on your property’s walls too. Remember, weather inclemency doesn’t only hit your roof; being always ready is living the best life.


Our Values, Our Compass

Your home and your family’s welfare are a priority to you but the moment you hire us, it becomes our top priority as well. Therefore, if you call us for an emergency, to install siding, or remove a shingle, we’ll always go to meet you with our values as a compass directing all our actions. Our values are:

  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Integrity


Every Contractor’s Promise

Our integrity is a value that allows us to respect the free estimate we’ve settled upon before starting the work. Our professionalism is the unbreakable commitment allowing us to perfectly install all the shingles and the entire roof, depending on the case. Finally, it’s the quality of our services that has made us the go-to option for roof repair and replacement in Westford for the past three decades.


Why Hire Our Services?

Our team of notables has been embodying our company’s values for the past three decades. As a result, all the roofs installed and every house we fixed a leak at and turned into a cozy home, have made us a reliable choice for our neighbors.

You should hire us because:

  • We’re fully insured and licensed (and GAF certified!)
  • We offer you a no-money-down policy
  • We offer free estimates for any size of a project
  • We offer flexible financing options


Your Satisfaction, Our Warranty

Whether for business or homes, our maintenance and roof replacement services are 100% satisfaction warrantied. Only pay us for your new roof once you’re happy with the results.

We’re always one phone call away!