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During the warmer months, tending to our property’s lawn, landscaping, and exterior can be relaxing or motivating. This type of work reaps visual benefits that help you welcome your friends and family to come over to your home. But certain tasks such as roof maintenance should not be performed by yourself, regardless of age. Here are three reasons to entrust a roofing professional for maintenance and not DIY it.

Equipment and Training

While roof access may be available to anybody with a ladder, a homeowner will find themselves in a different position atop their roof than a trained roofing professional. Roofs are rarely flat surfaces, and therefore their slopes and shingles make them awkward to walk on. Depending on the portion of your home, there may be a 10- or 20-foot drop, if not more, from the roof to the ground below. The CDC reports that 97% of all ladder accidents occur at home, many of which suggest that people are under-qualified to repair their own roofs.

Working Conditions

An asphalt roof can behave much like a paved asphalt driveway. In the hot sun, bare feet on the driveway can quickly feel the heat the material has absorbed. Working on roofs exposes people to the sun for hours at a time with no shade cover other than trees, potentially. Roofing contractors know how to stay hydrated and position themselves on the roof to avoid fatigue, stumbling, and exhaustion in a hazardous environment. Always remember that a roofer is more than a hard hat with a ladder; they are an experienced professional.


Roofing services may seem simple at first, but they require fine-tuned precision. Being able to identify loose shingles, areas where water may leak, and spots with loose support are not easy for the average homeowner. Rather than taking the risk and fiddling on your roof with a structure you don’t fully understand, defer the maintenance to the professionals. Roofers know what to look for and how to make adequate repairs.

There is a time and place for DIY home repairs. Generally, anything that does not put you at risk of injury or further damage to your home is suitable for DIY repairs. Roofs do not fall under these categories, so enlist a roofing professional for your needed maintenance!