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Are You In Search of a Commercial Roofer Sterling? 

There are dozens of reasons why your business might need a commercial roofer in Sterling. But we’re not just talking about any roofing contractor because your business needs a professional that can focus your financial efforts on getting you more sales. The best commercial roofer in Sterling is, without a shadow of a doubt, the company that can offer you everything from roofing repair to improving the commercial appeal of your property.

Eyles Contracting Inc. has been shaping Sterling’s exteriors and Sterling’s commercial image for over three decades. Moreover, every roofing contractor we send to work on your Sterling home or business can take care of any need you might have from siding to whole roof replacement.

Don’t settle for anything other than excellence; give us a call today!


Our Free Estimate Policy Is Exactly What You Need

Our roofing and siding services are one-of-a-kind because Eyles Contracting Inc. is an uncanny company. To begin with, our service is completely customer centered; we acknowledge your needs and help you achieve your commercial goals. No other commercial roofer in Sterling will help you grow your business with a replacement roof. We know that you need to be noticed for having the best-looking facilities in Sterling (from windows to siding to a state-of-the-art roof). But we also know that your facilities need to have a sound, long-lasting life.

Our services are the perfect combination of home-oriented comfort and lasting materials with a clear business direction to make your locale stand out from the crowd.

We’re the best commercial roofing contractor in Sterling offering you roof insurance, quick turnaround times, and financing options. Plus, we’re always one phone call away!


Your Dreams Might Be Closer Than You Thought

Sometimes, we daydream about what would be amazing to happen. Well, dreams don’t have to remain dreams with Eyles Contracting services. On the contrary, we can help you with roofing repair, replacement, and siding for any difficulty level. After thirty years of being the go-to option for Sterling exteriors, we’ve completed projects of all kinds and sizes, from replacement service to solar siding for any building type. Our service is reliable, timely, and professional. We’re always just one phone call away!


What Are The Differences Between Commercial & Residential Roofing?

We’ve been working on Sterling commercial facilities and also in Sterling residential properties for over three decades and have seen the damage years of overlooking repairs can do to siding and roofs. Thus, we not only offer roof repair for your commercial facilities, but we offer you services that are tailor-made to enhance your property and also preserve your investment from the ineludible pass of time. Our roofing company represents the best Sterling roofers aligned with your goals and desires.

We know that a residential roofing service is all about taking care of the welfare of your loved ones living inside the house. Therefore, every replacement or repair done by roofing contractors is aimed in that direction. Commercial roofing, on the other hand, requires further planning and aims at maximizing your investment and attracting customers to your shop. We know that difference and work accordingly. Plus, we’re always one phone call away.


We Can Do Them Both!

We’re the best commercial roofers in Sterling and we offer a plethora of services including siding for commercial and industrial facilities. But that’s only half the story because we love working on commercial projects just as much as we love changing people’s lives through weatherproof windows, siding, and roofs in their homes. We’re one of the few companies that understand the difference between commercial and residential projects because our expert roofers and every contractor in our company have done, at least, one project of each kind. Don’t settle for a roofer that’s not business savvy. We’re your number one option, and we’re always one phone call away.


These Are Our Business-Oriented Services

We’ve been working in Sterling shingles, siding, roofs, businesses, and homes since 1988. After seeing it all, these are our top-notch business services:

  • Commercial Roofing
  • Condominium Roofing
  • Condominium Siding


The Perfect Mix of State-Of-The-Art Materials & Expert Contractors

When you hire any general contractor, it’s always wise to perform an insurance read before starting. We have a revolutionary policy that will allow you to trust us from moment zero. It’s just below!


Did You Know We Have a No-Money-Down Policy?

Whether it is a residential or commercial project, we work with a no-money-down policy. The payment is due after you’ve fulfilled a thorough inspection of our completed services and certified you’re completely satisfied with the results. Transform your home into the cozy place you’ve always dreamed about with our roof replacement, repairs, or installation services, and pay us only on our way out.


Residential Roofing Services & Much More

After so many years of offering outstanding services and completing countless projects, we’ve become experts at our job. On our way to becoming our best version yet, we created a system that allows us to fulfill every residential and commercial service (including roof installation) with a road-tested method that ensures your house will always be warm, dry, and safe. 

These are our residential services:

  • Roofing and Repairs
  • Windows and Doors
  • Siding
  • Skylights
  • Chimneys


A Handpicked Team of Notables

We take a lot of pride in our thirty years serving the community, but we are even prouder of the handpicked team of contractors that have fulfilled every job impeccably during the last three decades. We handpick our personnel for being outstanding at their job but also because of their impeccable reputation and honesty.


Our Values

Speaking of our personnel, every time you see a contractor walking your way wearing our logo, you can expect our core values to be represented. Our values are:

  • Quality
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism


Our Qualification: We’re GAF Master Elite Contractors

Don’t just take our word for the amazing qualities of our personnel. We received GAF’s highest qualification, and as Master Elite Contractors, we’re always ready to exceed your expectations.


Why Should You Hire Our Services?

Whether it’s for a commercial roofing service, sealing your windows, overhauling your entire home, or commercial facilities, repair or replace your siding, here are some reasons why our services are the best in town.

We’re fully licensed and insured:

  • Financing availability
  • Free onsite estimate (for any size of a project)
  • No-money-down policy
  • GAF Certified Master Elite Contractors
  • 30 years of commercial and residential roofing experience


Free Onsite Estimates For Any Size of A Project

We just named it quickly, but how does giving you an accurate and reliable onsite estimate regardless of the size of your project help you? Well, we know your time is valuable to you, thus, we only need you to show us what you need to have done and we’ll guarantee an estimate on the spot with no delays or further visits that will make you use your precious time in attending to our needs.


Your Satisfaction is Our Priority

This has been our motto for the past three decades. It has been our competitive advantage to become the go-to roofing company in Sterling and the entire Massachusetts state. You always come first to us.


Work With the Best to Be the Best

Every business owner knows that working with an unreliable, unreferenced, inexperienced contractor might lead to commercial failure. We know our roofers can offer you services that can withstand weather inclemency and survive storms without considerable damage (which is paramount for a city like Sterling).

We also know we’re the best in town, and if you want your business to be the best as well, you need to hire a top-notch company to deliver world-class service. We’re the commercial roofing experts you were looking for and we’re right here, in Sterling. Always a phone call away.


Three Decades Exceeding Expectations

After thirty years of exceeding clients’ expectations, overhauling businesses, and helping our community grow and thrive, we’re ready to take your commercial property to the next level.

Let us help you fulfill your wildest dreams. Give us a call today!