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Your region plays a huge role in the roofing services you receive. Services for roofs generally depend on the elements experienced in your area. For instance, if you live in an area that experiences lots of hail, you may want to invest in impact resistance, which is not an issue for roofs in areas that don’t experience hail. Your roof has to be able to survive the natural elements of your location.

Here’s how your region may impact the types of roofing services you receive.

Hot Weather

When most people think of roof damage, they assume it mainly takes place in cold climates, which is when roofs are exposed to ice and snow. However, there are problems that are commonly experienced in hot weather climates, too. If your area experiences lots of heat, you’ll find yourself having to deal with lots of expansion-related problems. You also have to get roof repairs for sunlight or UV damage. Apart from that, you’ll find that roofs in hot areas are more prone to flashing damage.

Materials like asphalt shingles usually do well in different types of climates. According to Roofers Guild, about 90% of asphalt roofing shingles are made using fiberglass, which makes them quite versatile. If you live in a hotter climate and you aren’t sure what type of roofing material to invest in, a new asphalt shingle roof is a safe bet!

Cold Weather

Roofers in cold regions tend to deal with a specific set of roofing problems. This includes issues caused by condensation, strong winds, ice dams, and icicles. Roofs are also subject to lots of precipitation during these times. Apart from that, roofers in cold climates also have lots of experience dealing with flashing leaks. If you have a sloped roof and live in a very cold region, chances are you have dealt with leaky flashing on several occasions. Flashing pulls away easily during violent storms, which can lead to water leaks that significantly affect homes. As such, if you’re in a cold and stormy area, you’ll have to get your flashing checked at least twice a year.

Roofing contractors in different regions have different skills when it comes to the installation of certain types of roofing materials, too. For instance, if you are in Washington state, you may find that roofers there don’t have lots of experience installing wood roofing. This is because this colder area has high levels of moisture due to rainy weather. As such, wooden roofs tend to warp and rot. It’s, therefore, reasonable to assume that roofers in Washington may not have too much experience compared to those in Southern California, where weather and temperature patterns are fairly steady.

Roofing services differ by region. This is because each region has different concerns and roof materials that can be used. Are you wondering what maintenance tasks are important for your region? Get in touch with Eyles Contracting Inc today. We would love to hear from you!