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Looking for A Roofer West Boylston? Look No Further Than Eyles Contracting

The best roofer West Boylston is the roofing contractor that can commit to a job well-done delivered on-time, with years of warranty, and at a cost you can afford. The company in West Boylston that can fulfill those promises while taking care of your roofing needs is Eyles Contracting Inc. Furthermore, we offer a free-quote policy that can help you make an informed decision before spending one cent.

Are you ready to take your property to the next level? We’re the best roofing contractors in West Boylston, and we’re always one phone call away.


Is it Time to Call a Roofer?

Sometimes, it can be a challenge knowing when to call a roofer West Boylston. Indeed, we tend to think some of the minor issues our properties have will get better with time, but it is actually the opposite. Any roofing contractor in West Boylston will tell you that roof problems only get worse with time. Our roofing contractors can offer you a plethora of roofing solutions for all your needs.

You can browse through our finished works gallery and visualize a problem-free home. Plus, once we’re working on your property, you can optimize the cost and install some siding too!

These are the symptoms that your house needs a roofer:

  • Leaks
  • Missing tiles/shingles/slate
  • Rotten shingles
  • Preparing your home for selling
  • Repairs after a storm


What Solutions Do We Offer?

We offer tailor-made solutions for all our clients. We work in a holistic way treating your property as a single project and offering solutions for any and all problems it might have. For example, if you have leaks on your roof but notice your skylight is leaking too, or you have a faulty door or window, we can help you out with that. Our commitment is to solve all issues with your home and leave behind only the most comfortable, dry, and warm house in the neighborhood.


Are We Professional Roofers?

Eyles Contracting has been exceeding expectations since we started, over three decades ago. Moreover, as the area-favorite company since 1988, we can ensure a job well done and a comfy house regardless of the season. Our clients say it all about our passion for a job well done. We’re the professional roofers you’ve been looking for.

In case our impeccable 30-year reputation is not enough, we’re also certified GAF Master Elite Contractors. But more on that later.


What About Commercial Roofing?

We have a dedicated team for commercial projects that can evaluate your case and offer you a tailor-made solution from a commercial point of view. Yes, to us, commercial and residential roofing obey different rules. We can offer you the best commercial roofing solution today.


Do We Also Do Commercial Siding?

A great roofing job without professional, effective siding won’t take your business’ protection to the next level. Don’t worry, we offer both services so you can make your business so cozy and welcoming your clients will be the only thing flooding in.


An Elite Team of Certified Contractors

Not every roofer West Boylston will do a great job at an affordable price. Moreover, talking about a roofing system is talking about the welfare and comfort of your clients or family. That’s not something you can overlook.

We know this and hand-pick our contractors. They are the ones bearing our logo and representing the spirit of our company on every visit. Therefore, we trust anytime you hire our services, you get nothing but outstanding, elite-level service from the quote request to choosing the shingle brands, and every detail of the gutter guards. 

Do you want to install or maintain solar panels? You don’t need to check an external contractor network; we have the best professionals in West Boylston. We’re the best in the business and we’re here, in West Boylston; always a phone call away!


Let’s Talk GAF Certifications

Installing shingles, roofing, or making sure doors and windows don’t leak isn’t something other contractors can’t do. That being said, our team received the distinguished Master Elite Contractor certification from GAF. What does this mean? Every time you hire Eyles Contracting Inc, you’ll be hiring a world-class service right here, in West Boylston where you live.


What Roofing Services do you Offer?

We offer the following services:

  • New Roof Installation
  • Roofing Accessories (including gutters and more)
  • All kinds of roof repairs such as storm damage, leaks, and more.

 We’re your go-to local company to solve any and all roofing issues. Regardless of what happened; we’ve got your back.


What about Multi-Housing Roofing?

Although some companies claim to do multi-housing roofing, few have the resources to face such a challenge. We offer multi-housing roofing services, and if you hire our service, our team of elite master contractors will do an impeccable job within schedule. We’re always one phone call away!


Do We Also Do Multi-Housing Siding?

As the best West Boylston roofer company, we offer world-class roofing services but that’s not all. We believe any chain is as strong as the weakest link. Therefore, we can also offer you to install siding on your multi-housing project to achieve the ultimate protection against weather inclemency.


We’re just as Good as our Reputation

In case you’re wondering, it’s not our roofing systems, world-class roofing contractors, or outstanding limited warranty that makes Eyles Contracting Inc. the go-to option in West Boylston.

On the contrary, that is a side effect of our relentless commitment to excellence that has kept us as the best contractors in the area for over three decades.

As a roofing company, every roofing contractor we send to perform our services from roof repair to shingles replacement is fully qualified and always willing to go the extra mile as a contractor in representation of our core values.

We’re the best option in W Boylston and we’re always one phone call away!


More Than Three Decades of Experience: Helping the Community Thrive

Roofing companies come and go; very few have seen our community grow and thrive as Eyles Contracting has. Yes, we’ve done roofing and repairs or sent a contractor or a team of roofers or any other repair services to many of the most important buildings and houses in West Boylston. You don’t need to call contractors from Boston to fix your shingles. You can count on Eyles Contracting Inc. to deliver world-class service when replacing your roofs, or performing repairs as the best roofer West Boylston. We’re always one phone call away.


What Do Our Residential Services Cover?

You might wake up one day and find there’s a leak in your kitchen. Moreover, you can walk to the bathroom and find out your home is leaking there as well. You might also find out when winter comes along, that your doors weren’t sealed. Finally, you might find rotten or broken shingles on the outside of your home as you walk to the backyard.

We’re more than just roofers who can take care of your gutter, we offer you the best services for your home at the best cost. Remember, working siding, a regular call to your roofer, and healthy shingles can extend the working life of furniture and home appliances.


Our services include:

  • Roofing and repairs
  • Siding
  • Chimneys
  • Windows and doors
  • Skylights


Why Hire Us for Roofing Services?

Eyles Contracting Incorporated is your go-to roofing company in West Boylston. Our services are varied; we can take care of roof repairs, installation, and replacement as well as gutters, chimneys, skylights, doors and windows, and commercial buildings.

Moreover, each contractor wearing our logo is a GAF Master Elite Certified professional delivering world-class service. Whether you need simple residential services such as fixing your metal gutter or a full overhaul of your commercial establishment, we can exceed your expectations and offer you a warranty for our work.

We’re Eyles Contracting, the best roofer West Boylston. We’re always one phone call away!

 Get a free quote today!