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Need a Roofer Worcester? We have the Best Roofers in The Area

Let’s face it; if you own a property, you are going to eventually need a roofer in Worcester to perform roof repair duties. But when the time comes, do you know what roofing contractor to hire? Well, you know that Worcester weather varies drastically going from 84F to 19F every year. So, you need someone from your community that has been working on the roofs of your neighbors for years. Look no further, you’ve reached the perfect spot to learn about the most reliable and professional roofing company in the state of Massachusetts. We Are Eyles Contracting, your go-to option to keep your house safe, beautiful, and warm all year long.


What Roofing Services Do We Offer?

As the number-one roofer in Worcester, we offer roof repair services employing only the best roofing contractor team in the Worcester area. 

But when is it time to call a roofer for your home?

Well, we can be in from day one being involved in the construction stage for residential and commercial projects. Also, if the original structure didn’t hold up to your expectations, we can also perform a whole or partial roof replacement.

But that’s not all since our pros can also work on any damage that storms or heavy winds have done to your roof. Moreover, our roof repair team is fully equipped to resolve any and all leaks you might have. Likewise, we can work on your roofing accessories such as gutters.

We are a one-stop roofing solution that can offer you the best option for all your roofing needs in Worcester and the entire Massachusetts area. 

Give us a call today and learn more about our services!


One of The Most Trusted Roofing Professionals in MA

We’re roofing pros. After 30 years of working on every kind of construction in Worcester and its surroundings, we can say we’ve seen it all. Thus, our services repairing roofs for commercial or home buildings can deal with any and all problems including faulty siding, for example. Plus, after three decades of collecting an impeccable rating from our long list of happy clients, we’re proud to call ourselves the number one choice for roofing in the state. We’re the roofing professionals and we’re always one phone call away!


Are Our Roofers GAF Master Elite Certified?

The prestigious GAF Company takes extra care in the professionals handling their products. Therefore, they are constantly offering training opportunities to roofing contractors. We can say with pride that we’ve completed the entire program and received the highest qualification possible: the Master Elite. Every time you call us, you’re calling an elite force of roofing contractors.


Three Decades Changing the Lives of People in Worcester

Not every roofer in Worcester knows what their services will face in the upcoming years. If you haven’t worked in an area with this thermal amplitude, you don’t know what kind of materials work best. Choosing between rubber roofing, metal roofs, asphalt shingles, or a slate roof takes experience. We know what our local weather will do to your home and its roof because we’ve been changing people’s lives in Worcester for three decades.

Furthermore, when doing commercial roofing, we take into consideration the balance of materials and income to come up with the perfect average project cost for your company. We’re the elite roofing services you were looking for. Give us a call today and get a free estimate!


Our Clients Built Our Reputation

The doors of our offices are always wide open to receive our clients. We believe that any commercial relationship has to become a positive human relationship. Therefore, if you hire us to install a replacement roof in your house; we’ll discuss with you everything from shingles quality to window waterproofing, roofer options, and the duration of our services.

We’re your neighbours and want our community to grow and thrive just as much as you do. Trust your family’s welfare in the hands of the roofing professionals.


Residential and Commercial Roofing Services Available

We often work at a client’s home, let’s say installing acrylic liners or architectural shingles, and get called to work at their Worcester offices. Our services are always outstanding but very different when we offer an acrylic wall for home or commercial uses.

We have been there many times and know that our services as roofing contractors (either for roof repair or replacement) have to take into consideration the nature of your business. Perhaps, you need a colorful roof’s roof with acrylic enclosures to display your company’s logo and some insulation and leaking repairs at home.

Well, we’re experts in both areas and the moment you walk into our offices you’ll be offered roof repair options for any case scenario. Your success is ours too; we like to think we work with you as a member of the team.


Get a Quote from the Specialists

Whether for home or commercial repair services, or building a project from scratch, we can always offer you top-quality options. Plus, we work our hardest to fulfill all our construction and repair deadlines. Finally, with the possibility of getting a free quote from us, there’s no reason not to give us a call today. Get a quote from the specialists and don’t let roofing become a problem for you or those you love.


Our Secret? A Hand-picked Team of Outstanding Professionals

We believe top-notch quality is always in the hands of each roofing contractor we send to do a job. We hired (handpicked) Worcester’s elite home remodeling and roofing contractors because it is their work that user reviews highlight as our company’s biggest investment. They install shingle roofs, do commercial roofing, and install shingles during the construction period too. Our outstanding team of notables is our biggest pride because we know our services are world-class because they are.


Three Decades Later, Our Approach Paid Off

We love driving around Worcester and spotting every roof repair service we did and waving at every happy customer. We set out, thirty years ago, to offer the best-quality roof repair and replacement, and siding services in the area. Our reviews and expert contractors show us that the approach paid off. Give us a call today and join the long list of happy customers helping Worcester be more beautiful every day.


Do We Also Do Multi-Housing Roofing?

If you live in a stand-alone home or a housing complex, as long as you’re in Worcester, we can do roof repairs to your property. Moreover, a roofer team can work on your property performing repairs or installation services with top-quality roofers at the construction stage too. Every roofing contractor with our logo is the perfect professional to preserve the exterior of your home in perfect condition so the interior of your home remains warm, dry, and safe for your loved ones. Send us an inquiry about our services and get a free quote today!


We Also Do Multi-Housing Siding!

You might have seen it in our reviews; we also do the highest-quality work when working with siding. We do replacement and installation (including shingles replacement). This is especially important for commercial roofing; your customers will be better off if you instruct our roofing contractors to install siding on the walls as well. Regardless if you have a housing complex of 20 families or a little business; your tenants and customers deserve only the best. Give us a call for a free quote today!


Why Should You Choose Us?

Because our roofers can offer you the best services:

  • Lowest installation cost (no money down, pay when we’re done)
  • Highest-quality materials
  • Professional roofers for repairs or replacement tasks
  • Free quote on all our services
  • Commercial or residential pricing are available


We’ve been exceeding clients’ expectations for three decades. Isn’t it time you try our services out? Give us a call today and get a free quote from the roofing experts. We’re Eyles Contracting and we’re always one phone call away.