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When you are making home improvement decisions is roofing on your shortlist? It should be. A replacement roof can deliver a return on your investment that is hard to beat with any other type of home improvement upgrade.

According to Home365, the experts that track yields for home improvement investments, a replacement roof can come with an 85% return on investment, and in some cases, the cost of a new replacement roof can yield 100% of a return when you go to sell your home.

The Most Important System In Your Home

It is safe to say that your roof system is the most important system in your home. Without a reliable roof, the rest of the systems in your home are at risk.

When most people think about their roof worries, they think about a leak problem. While it is true a leaky roof is no picnic, unfortunately, that is not where your worries should end. Your roof is your home’s frontline protection against the elements from the top of your home to the foundation.

A failing roof can mean:

  • Foundation issues.
  • Window and door problems.
  • An invitation for mold growth.

A failing roof system is more than a leaky roof. It can negatively affect every system in your home.

Lifestyle Return

Sure, it is nice to think about how much value you are adding to your home with a replacement roof, but cash value is not the only benefit of having your roof replaced. There are lifestyle values that come with new roofing.

A new roof can:

  • Protect your property with worry-free function.
  • Lower your energy costs. New roofing materials are highly energy efficient.
  • Have a lengthy warranty against future problems.

A replacement roof can come with many benefits for both your wallet and your lifestyle.

It is More Affordable Than You Think

One of the biggest reasons homeowners wait to get their roof replaced is because they fear that the cost will be prohibitive. The fact is a new roof can be far more affordable than you think.

Many roofing companies have finance terms that make your roof more affordable. Monthly payments can easily be worked into your budget. Before you strike off roofing from your list of potential home improvement investments, take a closer look at your options.